Why You NEED to be Posting Content

Content is the cornerstone of your web presence. There are a lot of moving pieces that go into preparing quality and effective content, especially when it comes to making it easy to re-purpose. You absolutely need to provide valuable and unique information in order to keep your users engaged and coming back for more. Your number one goal when producing anything that you plan on posting online is absolute quality. Relevant keywords and tags will, with effective research, help you make the most of everything you present to the world.

Cornerstone Pieces

Having a few strong pieces of content is an absolute must. These are widely known as cornerstone pieces that cut right to the crux of your message. These pieces, whatever medium they may be, should make you stand out and outline all the important aspects of your brand or business. Maintaining the proper tone and image are crucial when it comes to these all-important pieces. A lot of people opt to keep much of their cornerstone content in the form of blog posts, but there are many other forms that you can take advantage of. LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook are all great platforms for presenting yourself to the world. A solid ‘Letter from the Chairman’-esque addition to an About page also fits the bill, to cite a further example. Homepage website content should attempt to link directly to all your cornerstone pieces to make navigation simple and straightforward. This ensures that your viewers are properly engaged and easy access to your very best work.


Once you have your cornerstone content prepared you will want to edit, update, and revise new pieces that are based on, or refer back to, your original pieces. The goal is to spread your best content out to as many platforms as possible. You don’t, however, want to make it overly repetitive. Furthermore, Google crawlers, as well as those used by Yahoo and Bing, albeit to a lesser extent, will count duplicated content against you, which will, in turn, affect your rankings. Nobody wants to be penalized for something that is so easily avoided. Repurposing your content is the way to ensure you get maximum exposure and still maintain a strong and effective presence. Propagating less than your best for the sake of quantity will only set you back. Simple paraphrasing will get you ahead, but you should always add fresh content when conducting an re-purposed post, while simultaneously removing anything that didn’t work in the original. Remember, you want all your content, even new pieces relating repurposed work, to be unique while keeping your viewers engaged.

Keywords and Tags

As you can see, you only really need a few strong pieces that you can then draw from and add to when putting new work together. Maintaining relevant keywords and tags is a perfect way to keep you content manageable and easy to browse, while also keeping you perfectly searchable. Your important content, and everything that follows for that matter, should contain a good density of industry-relevant keywords. These should be chosen carefully and we recommend you do so after conducting a little market research first. Basically, you want them to include the services you offer as well as cover the overall image you wish to portray. These will be specific to your goals and so are worth looking into. Keywords allow search crawlers to evaluate just how relevant a page is to any given search. The more relevant, the greater your chances of popping up in the results. This also goes for any platform utilizing hashtags. They are a wonderful way to make your content easily searchable, allowing you to get ahead and reach more people than ever before.

Bringing It All Together

Presenting and maintaining relevant and quality content should absolutely be a cornerstone of your web presence. Cornerstone content that is easily repurposed without being copied and an effective use of keywords and tags will help you achieve your goals without straining yourself more than you have to. Adopting these easy strategies will help you on your way to showing off your best self by taking control of your prepared content and keep it constantly working for you.


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