How New Technologies are Merging with the Cloud

New Technologies and the Cloud

When most people think of the Cloud, their minds go straight to storage backup and Big Data. This is no surprise, considering it's what most individuals use the cloud for. While these are two fundamental areas in which Cloud Computing is helping to shape the way we interact with each other, both in the way we conduct business and go about our day to day lives, there are many more ways in which the cloud extends far past data storage and analytics.

With new technologies being developed with ever-increasing frequency, the way we use the cloud is constantly adapting to a rapidly-expanding, worldwide marketplace and user base. While you already know the basics, there are a few up-and-coming technologies that will find their place in the cloud, while helping to ensure your everyday interactions work better for you. From VR to telemetrics and telematics, we aim to show you just how the cloud can be put to use for you.

IT Process Automation & Machine Learning

The most important technologies that will benefit from the cloud are those related to machine learning and IT process automation. These processes, put simply, aim to automate repetitive functions that are currently done by employees. The aim of this is to free up resources that traditionally had to be applied to these tasks, with the benefit of allowing employees to focus on other, relevant areas of development and maintenance requiring a more human touch.

Big Data Put To Work For You

On that note, the humanizing of Big Data is another area that the seeing improvement. The Cloud has made everything from medical diagnoses to risk assessment much easier to analyze. All this data, however, really doesn’t allow for any emotion or feeling to be conveyed. The idea of applying behavioral and social theory to the process of analyzing how this data is going to fundamentally change how it is weighted and applied, allowing it to make your life better, while also taking your individual needs into account.

Digital-Physical Integration In Your Daily Life

With companies now using the cloud to push for further physical-digital integration and improvements to the tech you use at home, we should expect to see our daily lives becoming much more streamlined, with everything becoming more connected. We’ve been using technology like Shoppers’ Optimum Rewards cards, allowing you to top up coupons online before applying them to purchases in-store, for years, but this is being kicked into high gear lately. Products like the T-Mobile Tuesdays App, Amazon’s Dash Buttons, and the option to purchase online and pick up your order in-store are changing the way you interact with the world around you. 

VR/AR Functionality

Perhaps the most exciting elements that are now poised to merge with the cloud are Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. While these are upcoming technologies that are still very much in development, Adobe, to name one heavy-hitter, has announced plans to integrate these into their Marketing Cloud, with the added bonus of including Adobe Analytics, advertisement monetization, and DRM protection for all of your content. They also plan to expand their features to include geolocation-based AR programs and image tracking capabilities. 

The Bottom Line

By integrating the cloud into these daily goings-on, companies are making our lives more convenient, with everything we can possibly need literally at our fingertips, with the push of a button. With everything that’s happening, the development of further technologies that are able to merge and integrate with current and upcoming cloud functionality, the next few years promise to be a incredibly exciting and immensely productive.


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