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Just about everyone you know is on Facebook, right down to their great-grandkids. And we all know that when you’re on Facebook, you’re on it just about every, single day. If you’re not on Facebook yet, maybe hesitant to sign up or not sure how the platform can benefit you, let me assure you that it is one of your most important tools available and can easily help you to instantly reach out to over 10,000 new customers.

When Facebook first launched, it almost immediately became a hit. Putting aside the fact that it only really had to compete with MySpace back then, which wasn’t as simple to use and often led to gaudy pages, this was an incredible feat. Up until that point if anyone wanted to engage with their circles, they had to use a number of different platforms that didn’t really speak to each other because everyone had their own preference and no platform was used universally. Facebook made those issues a thing of the past with its simple, no-nonsense sign up, layout, and upkeep. Facebook was the first heavy-hitter to open up the path to creating an online identity to everyone, even for people with no computer skills whatsoever. Basically, the Facebook revolution gave us all an internet address that we can point others to, regardless of age, location, or skillset, making it a truly universal social platform.

The thing is, even in the early 2000s, if someone moved halfway across the world (or even halfway across the province) there was a good chance that you weren’t going to see them again. Until Facebook came along, that is. Nowadays, we can reach out to just about anyone in the world with absolute ease and Facebook is one of the most important platforms with regard to maintaining connections and bringing people closer together. Facebook’s scope has greatly increased since it first launched. While it’s still used to keep in touch, simultaneously keeping us over-informed with regard to just about everyone’s lives, there are much more powerful, and easy-to-use, mechanics hidden just underneath the surface. These have been integrated so seamlessly into Facebook’s layout that they’re easy to brush off, assuming they’re not for you, but that’s where you’re wrong.

I’m talking, of course, about Facebook Ads. Given the way people use Facebook on a daily basis, making the most of their Ad platform can help catapult your presence into the stratosphere, allowing your business to connect to, and engage with, your entire target market on a much larger scale. As an example, there are currently over 17,000 people, just within 50 miles of Kingston’s Memorial Centre, to reach out to via Facebook. That’s a lot of potential customers, as well as an incredible market to tap into if you want to increase your presence.

Facebook allows you to customize every aspect of your ad campaigns, and also lets you run multiple, targeted campaigns at once, each focusing on a different geographic or demographic market and service. You can even track analytics to see exactly how people interact with your business and use extended features like Custom Audiences to creates lists of people who perform specific actions, such as visiting your website or using your app. Furthermore, you can target people who have engaged with you over Facebook or use your current customer files to find the people you’ve already done business with, allowing you to connect to their extended circles. This allows you to reach the broadest possible audience with absolute ease. With the vast amount of people logging into Facebook every day, there really is no downside.

Keeping your audience engaged can be tough, but targeting them where they spend the majority of their time is a huge first step. Furthermore, with the Facebook and Messenger Apps, you can even connect with your audience when they’re on the go. Mobile use is quickly on the rise, and Facebook is a perfect platform to capitalize on the trend to reach your target audience and get your name out there.


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